April 6th, 2015

IEEE-WIE ILC is organizing the International Leadership Conference on April 23-25 2015 at the Mariott San Jose Downtown,  San Jose, Ca.

Lead Beyond. Accelerating engaged, innovative and entrepreneurial women who change the world is this year focus


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April 6th, 2015

IEEE SF Nanotechnology  Council and IEEE-WIE  invite you to attend:

Nanoengineered Devices for Thermal Management and Solar Thermal Energy Conversion

Speaker: Dr. Evelyn N. Wang, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Nanoengineered surfaces offer new possibilities to manipulate fluidic and thermal transport processes for a variety of applications including lab-on-a-chip, thermal management, and energy conversion systems. In this talk, Dr Evelyn Wang will first discuss how nano engineered surfaces can be used to control wetting and bubble/droplet behavior for high flux heat dissipation of electronics. In the second half of the talk, she will discuss the opportunities with nanoengineered surfaces to increase efficiency in solar thermophotovoltaic (STPV) devices. 

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April 5th, 2015

IEEE-SPS and IEEE-WIE invite you attend:

Scale-space Processing for Light Field Cameras

 Dr. Ivana Tosic, Senior Research Scientist, Ricoh Innovations, Corp.

Dr Tosic will show how scale-space analysis, one of the most widely applied frameworks in computer vision today, can be extended to the case of light fields. This new theory involves the construction of Light field scale-and-depth (Lisad) spaces, which are parametrized both in terms of scale of objects recorded by a light field and in terms of objects’ depth. Such scale-invariant 3D analysis of light fields opens the door to novel computer vision algorithms for plenoptic cameras, out of which Dr Ivana Tosic  will present two: dense depth estimation and 3D key point detection.

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